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Encamped in the river of a foolish city forgotten

Bedecked and Anointed

Soul of the Desert
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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

This is a community for discussing the contents of the Holy books of Thelema. The text of these documents can be found at either OTO USGL library or Hermetic.com's Libri of Aleister Crowley. I would like to keep the focus of this group on the Class A material, but commentary and insight on B, C, D and E material is also welcome. There is no set minimum or maximum length for the posts, so comment on a whole liber or just a single line if you so desire. It is highly encouraged to provide the classical four interpretations: Peshat (simple interpretation), Remez (allusion), Derash (interpretive), and Sod (secret/mystical). If you are not familiar with these four terms please check the existing posts or look up their meaning other places on the web.

Everyone is welcome to read the entries in this community, however there are restrictions on membership and posting. Only members can post and even then the posts are moderated. This is done in an attempt to maintain a certain level of quality and uniformity of style of the posts. If you would like become a member of this community, send an email to soulofthedesert@keepsilence.org and include in it a link to a post that you think would be appropriate for this forum. When you get accepted, that post should then be crossed posted to this community.

Members and non-members alike are free to make comments to the posts, keeping in mind that personal attacks, poor reasoning and other imbecilic behavior will not be tollerated. Also, do not post information that is degree sensitive, oath breakers and defilers of the working mysteries will be banned, small hints should be enough for the intuitive mind.

The name of this community comes from the following passage:

ADNI 4:61-65

61. I too am the Soul of the desert; thou shalt seek me yet again in the wilderness of sand.

62. At thy right hand a great lord and a comely; at thy left hand a woman clad in gossamer and gold and having the stars in her hair. Ye shall journey far into a land of pestilence and evil; ye shall encamp in the river of a foolish city forgotten; there shall ye meet with Me.

63. There will I make Mine habitation; as for bridal will I come bedecked and anointed; there shall the Consummation be accomplished.

64. O my darling, I also wait for the brilliance of the hour ineffable, when the universe shall be like a girdle for the midst of the ray of our love, extending beyond the permitted end of the endless One.

65. Then, O thou heart, will I the serpent eat thee wholly up; yea, I will eat thee wholly up.

Love is the Law, Love under Will.